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When the primary power failures, or there is no power supply present, a generator cares for the power. Temporarily, as in the rental or when working on ground- road- and water, or as a fixed emergency power supply in a building such as a hospital, where a contuinity of power is very important. The quality of a power generator is therefore of great importance. And strongly dependent on the chosen components, appropriate materials and a solid assembly.

Brinkmann & Niemeijer from Twello is since many years a true understanding in the area of diesel engines, generators and the seamless construction to aggregates in all shapes en sizes for various applications. Consulting, engineering, construction and testing, to placement, installation and aftercare.

Power failures are always annoying and uncomfortable, sometimes even life-threatening. Have you ever thought about the implications for your company or institution as critical equipment outage?

The emergency power market is very diverse, therefore we deliver our products and services in various segments.

Generator sets for shipping

B&N has developed themselves the last few years as a big player if it is about generator sets for shipping. The power has a variety from 30 till 250 kVA and as power source we use JCB, Mitsubishi, Yanmar or John Deere engines, of course the necessary CCNR certificates included.

Generating sets for construction and rental

In situations where temporary power is needed, such as at road works or festivals, an Generating Set can provide a solution. By using robust canopies and to take into account laws and regulations can the mobile Generating Sets of B&N function in just about every situation and environment.

Special generating sets

For applications where a standard power unit does not conform, we think along with you for a suitable solution. Points that often lead to special are measurements by a limited space, noise level because of the environment and tank capacity because of the need for a specific autonomy.

OEM - Engines, Generators & Canopies

Are you an OEM customer and looking for a diesel engine, generator or canopy? Then B&N can offer you the component to your needs. Also posibilities as assembly and controls can be provided by B&N.

Service & Maintenance

The most important thing for us is a satisfied customer and that also means that you can count on our support. Through our years of experience in the field of diesel engines and generators you can be assured of the best possible support.


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