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Generating sets used on construction site must can stand rough handling. They must not cause noise, easy to transport and meet the last emission requirements. At the same time, the machines must be from the best quality. Robust and powerful, to be able to meet the expectations of your customers. For use at festivals, events or on a contruction site are basically the same requirements: the generating sets should be high quality , durable, easy to transport and also theft resistant.  

Relevant options

Especially for the construction B&N supplies generating sets that can be used with rough handling. These generating sets are of course equipped with every possible relevant option. The aggregates can be equipped with an extra large fuel tank, an external tank connection, socket boxes, trailer and various option such as the ability to read out on distance.


Our solutions specifically for the rental have a capacity of 20 kVA to 250 kVA, and can be powered by a Yanmar, JCB, Perkins ,Iveco, Cummins or MTU diesel engine. They are built in special soundproof enclosures intended for construction. It goes without saying that we pay extra attention to mobility and sustainabillity.

Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities for your company. We offer the solution that suits to the need of the customer. Super silent, robust, durable, an extra large tank.... at B&N is everything possible.

Service and maintenance

The most important thing for us is a satisfied customer and that also means that the customer during the entire life of the machine can count on our support.

Through our years of experience in the branche of diesel engines and generators, you're assured of the best possible support, whether it comes to maintenance or solve a malfunction. In an emergency is it all about the speed. Our office staff consists of experienced craftsman, who know all aspects of our products and will help you on the phone.

When we are not be able to resolve the problem directly on the phone, then our service technicians on site will restore the defect. We will also be always and everywhere available 24-7.


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