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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is what applies on many aspects of an organization. Brinkmann & Niemeijer  (B&N)  isn't any different. Below you can see a few points where an active policy on applies within the organization.


Increasingly, the focus is on this topic. B & N created a good working intern waste stream many years ago. But also to work on location during operations or maintenance is fully furnished. B&N also gives a lot of attention to the recycling of wood and paper.

Working safely

One aspect which makes sense but isn't always that standard. Those employees that work in the implementation of our generatring sets at B&N are fully VCA trained. In addition, B&N is also as company VCA* certified. A safe workplace is the basis for the welfare of our employees.

Socially engaged

Also for people with a distance to the labour market there is a place at B & N. Experience shows this can work out very positive for both parties. Dedicated employees who take great pleasure in the labour process.


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