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Emergency power generators for health


    Power failures are always annoying and uncomfortable, but for hospials and nursing homes, sometimes even life=threatening. Have you ever thought about the implications for clients and employees when there is critical equipment outage? As roller door systems no longer open and digital files no longer are accessible? If Lifts no longer work and alarm installations fail?

    Emergency power units could be very important for your organization. But what emergency power solution is suitable for your organization? Where and when could you best place your emergency generator and what are the possible risks? These are typical questions that Brinkmann & Niemeijer Engines can help you with. In addtition to a wide range of high-quality, reliable equipment, we offer you comprehensive advice based on years of experience, tailored to your specific organization and siuation.

    Total solution

    Emergency power and emergency power units have a big contribution tot the safety and continuity of your company or institution. But what emergency power solution is suitable for your application? What are your risks in case of power failure and how can you prevent them? What about the fire resistance? Where and when should you place the generator and what are the possible risks? These are typical questions that Brinkmann & Niemeijer Engines can help you to answer. In addition to a wide range of high-quality, raliable equipment, we offer you comprehensive advice basses on yeaers of experience. Specifically fitting to your organisazation and situation.

      Emergency power generators for health

      All our emergency power generators can be places bij us on site where we take care of the entire process including:

      • Setup drawing
      • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) incl. use load resistor(s)
      • Horizontal and vertical transport
      • Drafting of the NSA
      • Delivery and assembly cooling aire supply and drainage
      • Supply and fitting flue
      • Delivery and assmbly KIWA certified fuel installation
      • SAT (Site Acceptance Test)
      • Instruction to the service staff
      • SCIOS inspection


      Also for replacing an existing emergency power installation is Brinkmann & Niemeijer the right choice. We have already for various clients replaced the existing emergency power installation where the inconvencience to a minimum was partly through the use of a temporary emergency power generator and/or fuel installation.

      Service and maintenance

      The most important thing for us is a satisfied customer and that also means that the sutomer during the enire life of the machine can count on our support.

      With our years of experience in the branche of diesel engines and generators, you're assured of the biggest possible support, whether it comes to maintenance or solve a malfunction. In an emergency is it all about speed. Our office staff consists of experienced craftsmen, who know all aspects of our products, so they could help you further on the phone.

      If we couldn't solve the problem directly at the phone, then our service technicians on site will restore the defect. We will be always and everywhere at your services 24-7!

      Change activities decision

      Given in this decision that all permanantly installed emergency power generators with aan output higher than 20 kW, even if they are less than 500 operating hours per year, are covered by the inspection duty on Foundation Certification inspection and maintencance Combustion Plants. (SCIOS)

      SCIOS has existed for many years and was formerly only apply to combustion plants, these included in pacticular the CHP installations.The decision applies to any installation activities where fuels are burned with the released heat is utilized. However, the Government now decided that emergency power units equipped with a diesel engine also needs to apply to these specific requirements.

      The inspection consists of 2 parts:

      1. EBI (first or special inspection) there will be an closer look on the installation. They will detemine whether there are any points of improvement or special points of interest for the periodic inspection PI.
      2. PI (periodic inspection) which annually should be performed once in the 2 years or once in the 4 years depending on the ability and the EBI rash.

      We are by SCIOS certified to perform such tests for both the aggregate and the corresponding fuel installation.

      For more information, prices or toe make an appointment please contact our service dpeartment at 0571-276900 or by sending an email to

      Some references

      • Maasziekenhuis
        • ​2 x 650 kVA
      •  Erasmus MC
        • ​4 x 1800 kVA
      • Tsjongerschans
        • ​2 x 1350 kVA 
      • Rijnstate ziekenhuis Zevenaar
        • ​1 x 1000 kVA

      Would you realize an emergency power solution, but not sure how, what or where? Need us for a no obligation consultation; We care not onlly for power but also to our customers.

      Emergency power generators for health


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