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Generator sets for dry cargo vessels

In shipping, it is very important that your optimal power supply is in order. Whether on a container ships or freighter, a reliable power supply is essential for your business operations. In addition you would save money with a reliable generator set, because your probably have less service costs and keep the delays to the minimum. For inland shipping generator sets you can choose from multiple first classe components such as: JCB, Mitsubishi, Yanmar or John Deere. Those will be combined with Mecc Alte or Stamford generators, all certified with de CCNR certification. The control panel is a standard DeepSea panel, which can be carried out by your wishes. The sets can be supplied with a prebuilt radiator or suitable for keel cooling and, if necessary, be provided with a soundproof casing.

Stage V diesel engines for inland shipping 

At this very moment the inland shipping market is in a transitional period of Stage 2/Stage 3A to the new Stage V standards. A huge change for inland waterway transport which means for anyone: invest now to Stage V to avoid or already choose to buy the more expensive Stage V engine and direct experience the benefits of the low emissions.

With JCB is it a simple choice; the 78kVA  and 64 kVA JCB Dieselmax can Stage V for inland waterway transport even achieve without post-treatment. This makes thees engines extremely conveniently prices and there is no reason to avoid Stage V. Quality, reliabillity, low maintenance and maximum employability remain guaranteed without any compromise to the user.

For the larger power supplies will JCB come with engines which meet Stage V with post-treatment.

Service and maintenance

The most important thing for us is a satisfied customer and that also means that the customer during the entire life of the machine can count on our support.

Through our years of experience in the branche of diesel engines and generators, you're assured of the best possible support, whether it comes to maintenance or solve a malfunction. In an emergency is it all about the speed. Our office staff consists of experienced craftsman, who know all aspects of our products and will help you on the phone.

When we are not be able to resolve the problem directly on the phone, then our service technicians on site will restore the defect. We will also be always and everywhere available 24-


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