New! The innovative HBOX+ hybrid light tower.

Reliable lighting is crucial on construction sites and during events. At a time when clean energy is a priority, lighting should also be offered sustainably. And that's exactly where our innovative solution, the new HBOX+ hybrid light tower, comes in!

Smart and efficient design - Period without noise

The HBOX+ is a super-efficient light tower, with an autonomy of as much as 491 hours in the most efficient operating mode and a minimum fuel consumption of only 0.55 litres per hour. This makes it the ideal solution for various projects, as you can work continuously for up to sixteen and a half days before refuelling is required. The HBOX+ consists of one or two LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) long-life battery packs and a compact Yanmar engine.

Once the capacity of the LFP battery falls below the preset value, it will be charged at low power by the built-in engine. While charging the battery, the engine will operate in its most efficient mode, minimising fuel consumption while extending the engine's life at the same time.

The HBOX+ Hybrid offers a continuous run time of up to 16 hours with no emissions and no noise. The light tower has an integrated dimming system that can automatically control different variables (light intensity, battery life, etc.) and can flexibly select the best mode for each situation.

Smart software maximises battery operating time, ensuring maximum "no noise" operating time. Only when the compact engine kicks in to recharge the battery will there be a temporary low noise level, which is achieved by the special soundproofing enclosure.

It is even possible to set the "no sound period" for a specific time period. The smart software then ensures that the battery's energy level is sufficient for the set "no sound" period and so the engine does not need to jump in to recharge the battery.

Long maintenance intervals

This light tower requires little maintenance due to its smart construction and intelligent software, with a maintenance interval of no less than 600 hours. And when those 600 hours are over, maintenance is easy to carry out thanks to the many access doors that allow easy access to the components. It minimises downtime and maximises productivity.

Innovative safety provisions

The mast of the HBOX+ features smart impact and obstacle detection, so you never have to worry about unintended damage again. This not only increases safety on site, but also makes work significantly easier and more carefree.

In short, the HBOX+ hybrid light tower is the sustainable and clean solution for construction sites and event venues, among others. With its impressive efficiency, long autonomy and advanced safety features, this is not only an investment in lighting, but also in a greener and more productive working environment. Opt for the HBOX+ and illuminate not only your project, but also the path to a more sustainable future."

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