New chapter in 190 years history of Brinkmann & Niemeijer

A new chapter is added to a company with a long history in the industry. A group of new investors join together with the management team as shareholders of the company.  Together with the current owner they will further shape the ambitions and growth developments. This will be enabled through additional capital, resources and knowledge.

History and activities

With a rich history starting in 1828, Brinkmann & Niemeijer develops, produces and sells professional solutions for power generation. From advice, engineering, production and testing, to installation on site and after sales service. Generators, diesel engines and their assembly into generator sets are made in numerous sizes and configurations for various applications. In many cases a bespoke solution is developed. Sister company Sound Proof Systems (SPS) supplies soundproof enclosures for OEMs into different geographical areas.

Attention to growth and technical developments

To further strengthen the position as a technically high-quality supplier, investments will be made in research of new  (technical) solutions and the application of them. The addition of capital and resources ensures there is a solid foundation for research and to continue the company’s growth. This gives the management the opportunity to implement the strategic plan and enter, as an independent company, the new decade with great confidence.

New phase

Brinkmann & Niemeijer is ready for the next phase and Frans Heuvelman has great confidence in the development of the company in the coming years. “In the past year, we have gone through a careful process regarding the transfer and future strategy of the company. I am convinced that the company is in good hands with the new investors Pascal van der Heijde, Gerrit de Graaf and the management team. Together they are able to guide the company in a professional way to its 200th anniversary.”


More than 30 employees, experienced and young talents, are employed at Brinkmann & Niemeijer. "By participating in Brinkmann & Niemeijer we give room for growth, we bring in new knowledge and ensure that the technical expertise available at Brinkmann & Niemeijer is further expanded" Pascal van der Heijde and Gerrit de Graaf indicate. “Brinkmann & Niemeijer is a strong company with quality products and smart technical solutions and we are proud to be able to contribute to further developments. We are going for a long-term investment and together with the management team we will continue to work on a stable business development, attractive products and a healthy revenue development. ”

The management team consists of Benno van Ittersum, Jaap Lankhaar and Frits Lubberts.

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