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Diesel engines for OEM

Diesel engines

For many applications the diesel engine remains the best option to drive, for example, a generator. In the present time is a clean diesel engine is essential, if they only want to meet emission requirements. Are you looking for a modern clean engine with minimal follow-up treatment and maximum performance than are the JCB diesel engines a very good option for you. JCB engines are there to drive your generator as well as for industrial applications.

Generators for OEM


Also for generators you're at the right place with B&N, as the official importer of Mecc Alte we supply a complete range of industrial and marine generators for different applications.

Of the small portable generators for mobile applications to medium current 5380 kVA generators. In short, for every application there is a generator that has the specific characteristics to be a good solution for your current question.

Soundproof canopies for OEM

The right canopy for the every application

To protect against climatic influences or to reduce the sound level of a product offers B&N for years optional soundproof canopies. This can be a custom product but a also a standard product from stock. For the products has B&N the ability to enclosures that are super silent, been extra coated, have limited size or needs a large tank.


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