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Client: BASF
Year: 2014
Location: Heerenveen

In Heerenveen 210 employees work and produce 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. On this location, BASF develops and produces waterborne resins and dispersions for the printing ink and coating industry. The vast majority of waterborne (and therefore environmentally and food-safe) polymer products are used in sustainable inks for food packaging. In addition, we make high-quality additives that are also applied in the electronic, materials and plastics industries, in addition to the aforementioned industries. They ensure an optimisation of colour and shine of paint and counteract foaming.

The centre of Expertise for Printing & Packaging is also located In Heerenveen. This means that knowledge and experience in the field of application for printing and packaging for the relevant technical and industrial areas are gathered under a roof. In order to ensure the production of power outages, Brinkmann & Niemiejer in 2014 has provided a complete emergency power installation consisting of:

  • 1750 kVA soundproofed Emergency Power Power Pack (2x)
  • KIWA Certified fuel installation (8000 ltr.)
  • Step-up transformer
  • Medium current distributor

The Emergency Generating Sets are composed from a Mitsubishi SR16R-PTA diesel engine and a Stamford PI7 generator. The control is done by means of a DSE8610 Deep Sea control module.

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