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Emergency Hospitals

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For various mobile emergency hospitals, Brinkmann & Niemeijer has been able to provide with the power supply of silenced aggregates, distribution boxes and cabling. These emergency hospitals are used, for example, in disasters and in war zones.

In addition to the power supply, B&N has also built and supplied the following materials:

  • Mobile pump sets for the clean water supply
  • Mobile washing facilities for hand washing or medical equipment
  • Mobile toilets.

Brinkmann & Niemeijer is a proud partner of "Workforce for Life", WFL is a collaboration between various companies which uses her skills and opportunities to improve and save people's lives. WFL is not a philanthropic organization, but a group of entrepreneurs who invest their skills and resources in mobile hospitals for those in need. In addition to a commercial objective, these companies also aim to offer people a better quality of life.

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