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Erasmus MC

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Client: Erasmus MC
Year: 2012.2015 and 2017
Location: Rotterdam

Emergency power for a hospital is literally a matter of life and death. Erasmus MC is the first Dutch hospital with a very advanced energy Management and control system (EMCS). That monitors the energy use of all customers in the hospital 24 hours a day. On base of these measurements the EMCS determines how the emergency power supply should be used as the voltage goes down.

For the new Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, Brinkmann & Niemeijer delivered 5 emergency power units who provide the installations in case of power failure with current. Together they can supply 10 MVA to emergency power. That is less than the capacity of the mains connection, whereby in case of calamities not all features can be enabled. The uniqueness of the EMCS in Erasmus MC is that the available emergency power can be used much more efficiently than the regular operating systems, so that the emergency power is fully effective. For Erasmus MC, Brinkmann & Niemeijer has supplied and installed the following:

  • 1800 kVA emergency power generator (4 x 1 x 2012, 2015)
  • Cool air and supply
  • Flue gas outlet
  • Kiwa certified fuel installation
  • Overarching control
  • Conversion to "dead bus synchronizing" (2017)

The delivered emergency power Generator sets are composed of a Cummins QSK60G3 diesel engine in combination with a Mecc Alte generator ECO46/1 l. Control of the Nsa is done by means of a Woodward GCP control module which also allows for the synchronization and integration of the corresponding generator switches.

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