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Client: Optibrut
Year: 2017
Location: Nordhorn

Optibrut has opened a new chick hatchery in 2017 in the German Nordhorn. The hatchery has a capacity of 850,000 broilers per week, but can be scaled up to 1.6 million chickens per week.

The presence of power is crucial here, that is why Brinkmann & Niemeijer delivered an emergency power installation consisting of:

  • 660 kVA Soundproofed emergency power generator (2 x)
  • Double wall integrated fuel tank (895 litres)

The Generating Sets are composed of a Volvo Penta TAD1642GE diesel engine with an Mecc Alte ECO40-1, 5 l/4 generator, where the control is done through a DSE8610 module. For the current measurement and control of the net-and torque switch is a dSE8660 module included in the main distribution frame.

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