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St Jans Gasthuis

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Client: St. Jans Gasthuis
Year: 2015
Location: Weert

In addition to its existing power plant St. Jans gasthuis also wanted a new sustainable power plant. The hospital would like to generate cost savings and also their patients reap the fruits of the power plant, because the climate control in the building soon to regulate better. For this new power plant is of course also an Emergency power Genset needed to be able to deliver the power in emergency situations. This is why Brinkmann & Niemeijer then a emergency power generator has allowed to supply the genset consisting of:

  • 1350 kVA emergency power unit (1 x)
  • Cooling air supply and drainage
  • Flue gas outlet
  • KIWA certified fuel installation (3,000 ltr.)
  • Customize existing emergency power control unit

The generating set is composed of a Mitsubishi S12R PTA diesel engine in combination with a Mecc Alte ECO43-2 l/N generator. The control of the NSA is done by means of a DSE8610 operating module allowing the NSA is suitable for parallel operation.

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