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Client: Foundation For Regional Care
Year: 2016-2017
Location: Tholen, Goes, Axel, Zaamslag, Middelburg and Domburg

Brinkmann & Niemeijer had delivered emergency power installation APAC CUSTOMER SERVICES INC for different locations of the emergency, because the existing sites were fully under construction was the implementation not that simple. So we needed to switch between main supply and generator power supply take place in the main distributor. On site, we have an emergency power supply designed what exactly fits with the wishes of the client. After the Nsa, the cabling and the cross-over cabinet were installed, the emergency power installation is linked to the main distribution frame. For this the temporary Generating sets took over the power supply.

During the rebuild is only 2 x 15 minutes the power supply has been interrupted and we have this project in close collaboration with the client, the power company and the installer completed successfully.

The delivered emergency power installation consists of:
• 400 kVA soundproofed emergency power generator (3 x)
• 450 kVA soundproofed emergency power generator (3 x)
• 100 kVA  sounproofed emergency power generator for the service center
• Integrated fuel tank

The 400 and 450 kVA emergency power Generating sets are composed of a Volvo Penta diesel engine (TAD1343GE/TAD1344GE) and a Mecc Alte generator (ECO40-1S/2S/4/ECO40-4)

The 100 kVA emergency power unit is composed of a FPT/Iveco NEF45TM2A diesel engine and a Mecc Alte ECP32-2S/4 generator.

All Emergency Power Gensets are equipped with a control panel on base of a DSE8610 control module and suitable for synchronized works.


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