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Service & Maintenance

The most important thing for us is a satisfied customer and that also means that the customer during the entire life of the machine can count on our support.

Through our years of experience in the branche of diesel engines and generators, you're assured of the best possible support, whether it comes to maintenance or solve a malfunction. In an emergency is it all about the speed. Our office staff consists of experienced craftsman, who know all aspects of our products and will help you on the phone.

When we are not be able to resolve the problem directly on the phone, then our service technicians on site will restore the defect. We will also be always and everywhere available 24-7

Tests and inspections

In addition to the maintenance, we can also inspect and approve your emergency power installation. This applies not only to the delivered installations but also for those who are supplied by third parties. We can help you by making you an offer.

Spare parts

To provide your machine from the right parts B&N supplies originial spare parts from our own warehouse. We can deliver directly from stock in almost all cases.

We can provide you any part, from a simple filter to a complete replacement engine, on a fast and correct way we help you. Our logistics service offers a quick handling and can keep certain parts in stock for you, that may be required for your specific application.


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Service & Support