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Soundproof canopies for OEM

The right canopy for the every application

To protect against climatic influences or to reduce the sound level of a product offers B&N for years optional soundproof canopies. This can be a custom product but a also a standard product from stock. For the products has B&N the ability to enclosures that are super silent, been extra coated, have limited size or needs a large tank.

SPS canopies

For the standard products B&N refers to its sister company Sound Proof Systems. In order to provide its global customer base with a compact, easy to transport product, SPS has a series of self-Assembly "FLAT PACK" enclosures developed. This unique concept has huge benefits for transporting a full canopie to OEM customers. A Flat-Pack Kit includes a base frame, fuel tank, fuel gauge, battery connectors, anti-vibrations mounts, engine/generator support and a soundproof canopy.

All Sound Proof Systems enclosures are powder coated to withstand heavy weather conditions and come with a installation manuals incl. identification drawings so that they can be easily built.

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Soundproof canopies for OEM


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