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Tests and inspections

In addition to the maintenance, we can also inspect and approve your emergency power installation. This applies not only to the delivered installations but also for those who are supplied by third parties. We can help you by making you an offer.

The Activities decision committee had detemined that emergency power installations at least once every four years should be inspected for proper operation and maintenance. Depending on the type of installation, the inspection could also be every two years. The Activities decision comittee provides that the legally required inspection need to be done by an SCIOS-certified inspection and maintenance company. B&N is SCIOS certified for both, the emergency power generator and any associated fuel installation (Scope 4 and 7c).

At commissioning ofa new installation, a First special inspection (FSI) needs to be executed. This is an inspection where the instructions for the subsequent periodic inspections being established. During the life of a installation there are the periodic inspections (PI) and the Periodic maintenance (PO).

The inspected installations are recorded in the SCIOS-portal. This is an obligation from the certification scheme. Installation-owners can access the portal to manage the own plants. This allows the facility management of your company to verify that all installation are registered and inspected. So they meet the obligations of the certification scheme.


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